/How Does A Laptop, Netbook And Tablet Differ From Each Other?

How Does A Laptop, Netbook And Tablet Differ From Each Other?

Are you looking to buy a portable computer? If you are, then it is obvious that you might be a bit confused on which one to choose. You have various portable systems in the market like laptops, netbooks, tablets etc. Therefore, choosing the right one could be tricky. Now, in this post, we will carry out comparisons between netbook vs tablet and compare them with laptops so that you could choose the one that fits your needs.

First, let us go through the features of laptops. They can be considered as the first popular portable computers in the world. Just as the name suggests, you can use them by placing them on your lap for long hours. Laptops are much smaller in size when compared with the desktop computers. Most of the laptop computers offer essential features like DVD drives, USB ports etc. Now, you might have heard about notebook computers. It is just another name given to the laptop computer

Next are the netbook computers. You may consider netbooks as laptops that are cut down in size. Netbooks are lighter compared to laptops. However, they do not have some of the features found in laptops like the CD/DVD drives. The storage capacity of netbooks is much lower than that of laptops. When it comes to processors and computing power, netbooks make use of lower configuration processors with low computing power. The major function of netbooks is aiding the use of internet on the go.

Tablets are the latest revolution in the market. Tablets come in small screen sizes, lesser than that of netbooks. All the tablets in the market come with a touchscreen. Therefore, there are no keyboards in a tablet computer. You may use your fingers or use a stylus pen for inputting commands to the device. The convenience of carrying the tablet computers has made it much popular. When you compare netbook vs tablet, you can find that tablets are priced much lower than netbooks, which makes them even more attractive. All the major players in the market release tablet computers.

We hope that this post has helped you to find out the basic differences between a laptop, netbook and a tablet computer. So, keep the above-mentioned features of each device in mind while choosing a portable computer. This will help you to choose the best portable device that suits your requirements.