/How Google Translate Works?

How Google Translate Works?

Google translate is one of the best product from Google  and that you know already,At present It can translate 103 languages by typing but recently they gave some update in that we can take a camera as a picture thereby it will scan the data which is present in the picture and it will translate the data as your understandable language such as spanish to english translation google translator,google translate japanese to english,google translate german to english etc., simply it will as Google dictionary

Google Translate
 it has a plenty of features which we will discuss now
*if we copy the content in any app and your translation pops up as you can see in below pic
Google Translate
there by select and copy the content it will directly goes to translater, there by you can able to understand any language
*you can translate 52 languages when you have no internet .we have to download the offine translater
which is present in the settings as similar as Google Maps
*As I said before we can instant camera translation,but it is only in 30 languages soon they will be able give this feature to all languages
Google Translate
WORKS: GOOGLE TRANSLATE APP will be able to translate the documents, words and websites. As you know that translation comes from computer or smartphones. Computer use a process called statistical machine translational. it is a defence way to say they are generate a large no of text,lets take a step back computer can learn multi languages and the languages are very complicated to our day today life, lets imagine they have been analysing millions of  millions  data. As a practically they translator can break the content into picecs by this it can able to translate the data very easy. by  this the servers can store the data which the content has broken. the process that can exicute billion times
so that it can perform very easy suppose we can tranlsate the website thereby the content will take billions  of paths. simply the severs will able to store the data and that data can translate by using some program which held by google. over 200+ millions peoples are using daily lets imagine how much data that can store from servers you may download the app in google play store as a free.It would switch to a neutral machine translation engine.