/How Social Media is Negatively Impacting Dating
Social Media is Negatively Impacting Dating

How Social Media is Negatively Impacting Dating

The world of dating is changing every year. Instead of having to meet someone in person and set up a date, we now go online and have people show up just by using our phones. For better or worse, technology is having an impact on our love lives. However, one aspect of technology is changing dates for the worse any way you look at it. That aspect is, of course, social media. Here are several different ways that social media is having a negative impact on dating in the modern day.

You See Too Much of Each Other

The first problem that people encounter with social media and dating is the fact that you will see too much of each other. Even if you manage to find each other in a way that is not online, there is a temptation to connect with each other in various apps and messengers. Think about the last time that you had a date and then found a dozen invitations on Twitter and Snapchat. It’s almost an inescapable thing for a lot of people because we are pressured to invite people into our lives. The problem is that we will see too much of each other that it will never feel like we are apart. Have you ever heard the phrase “absence makes the heart grow fonder?” You can’t get fond of each other if you’re sliding into DMs and stalking pages.

Your Date Will Know Everything About You

On one hand, you’ll learn a lot about the people that you are going to date when you see their social media profile. That’s great for finding out if they are a closeted racist or have a history of violence. Yet, there is also the sillier side of things that you will see every bit of their lives that has happened in the last few years. All their dumb drunken mistakes, past girlfriends, and more are right there for the viewing, and it’s hard to look away and not judge your date.

Changing Is Hard Because It’s Unbelievable

Even if your date does want to change, it’s almost impossible. You have a body of evidence, their social media profile, and then you have them claiming that they are in the process of changing. What one seems more realistic? The social media profile, of course. That can damage a relationship irreparably from the outset.

It’s Difficult to Keep the Relationship Exciting

The final thing that you have to keep in mind about social media is that it can make it hard to keep your dating life exciting. After all, you need to consider that having and sharing new experiences is what makes a person exciting. If you take all of that away through social media, then there is nothing left to get excited about with your new date. However, to keep things fresh, you can always use a dating site as the sole means of communication. For example, if you visit Quickflirt.com, you can set up a profile and only communicate on there without giving away social media accounts. It will keep your relationship interesting while you plan your first meeting!

It’s clear that social media is impacting the institution of dating in a negative way. The inescapability of data, being able to track someone’s growth over the years, and the temptation to learn more are all things that people used to be able to get past in bygone years. Now, it’s all front and center, making it difficult if not impossible to have dates without knowing too much. The era of mystique around people is gone, and that can make it harder to find someone that is right for you, partially because you already know too much and also because you might not see any changes in your date’s personality as genuine.