/How to Choose the Best Rain Shower Head

How to Choose the Best Rain Shower Head


Whether you want to remodel your bathroom or just want to transform it into spa-worthy retreat, you can do it perfectly with a right rain shower head system. Rainfall shower head systems are modern, sleek and include plenty of features that you simply can’t get with a traditional shower system. Designed in a way to provide you with an ultimate body massage and to give the experience of showering in the rain, these rainfall shower heads are often engineered to offer multiple settings from water saving trickle to a drenching rain storm.

Rainfall shower systems are affordable and attractive. They provide a wide range of finishes, styles and innovative functions, including:

Chrome brushed nickel or white options,

Multiple spray settings, from concentrated spray for rinsing to relaxing natural rainfall

Limited lifetime warranty,

Fast installation – no plumber required, and,

Easy-to-clean anti-clog nozzles!

Indulge and relax in an awesome shower experience every time by choosing a right rain shower head system

Have you ever enjoyed the feeling of raindrops falling on you? Do you love it? Of course, who doesn’t love to enjoy in rain, it feels pleasant, entertaining, amazing by giving a sense of relaxation and tranquility. However, it is not very practical as you cannot dance or do whatever you want in a road under rain as the heroines in films do.

On the other hand, standing in rain with wet clothes could be little awkward rather than pleasant. So how can you enjoy the pleasure of rainfall without facing the disadvantages mentioned above? Is it possible? Yes, with the introduction of the rain shower head system, it is made possible.

You can have your very own rain cloud in your bathroom and can turn your average shower bath into a great shower bath with relaxing, rejuvenating and spa-like experience. Just think about having to your own personal cold rain shower at night after your hectic day. Let your tiredness wash away and make you to sleep relaxed and pampered.

There are many designs and shapes available for rainfall shower head systems with multiple materials such as brass, plastic, chrome, steel, and many more to suit any bathroom design.
Whatever is the type of material, the rainfall shower head system consists of round disk-shaped or thin square-shaped head with numerous small holes from which water can pass out steadily and evenly.

More advanced models of rainfall shower head system consists of a pulse mechanism that forces the shower spray to form into small droplets to provide enhanced experience.

Different rain shower head models consist of different settings that include: water saving trickle for a long, long hot shower without the guilt, drenching rain storm for a great strong shower and pulsating rain massage for spa-like treatment. These randomized settings available in shower system give an outstanding realistic rain shower experience.

How to Choose the Best Rainfall Shower Head?

When shopping for a rainfall shower head system, you have to consider several factors to get the best one. Here are some of the factors you have to consider before you make your purchasing decision.

Finish and style

check whether existing bathroom fittings and fixtures match to your new shower head. For example, if your bathroom consists chrome taps etc, then it is better to choose a chrome finish for your new shower head to match your bathroom. Hence, your rainfall shower head system can become more of a bathroom centerpiece of attraction. So always pick a right one that matches your bathroom style and make your shower great!

Shower arm fit

Make sure whether the model designed is of ceiling mounted or wall mounted and question yourself does it fit your current shower arm? You can determine this by seeing the product pictures and information. You can also choose a new shower arm that best fits your new shower head.


It is not always required to buy your shower head from one of the major or popular brands to get the best product. Just take some time, compare products online, read the user reviews, feedback from customers and then decide. It will make you able to find the right shower head for your bathroom.


Bigger size means the great rain shower. Most of the best rainfall shower heads systems are between 8 inches and 10 inches in diameter.

Conclusion :

By checking out above given features, you can choose the best shower head that offers peak performance at affordable cost.