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How to Start an App Business

In 2018, Apple announced that the number of registered developers on the iOS platform was 20 million. The App business store was attracting close to 500 million visitors each week, allowing the developers to earn close to $100 billion in revenues.

The mobile app business is swiftly taking shape with the increase in mobile usage around the world. During the first quarter of 2019, there were 2.1 million apps available in the Google Play Store, and the number is rising steadily.

So, how do you get into the app business? Here is some vital information about how to start an app business and make it successful.

  1. The Idea

Like any other business, it all starts with the idea. To developers, if you have a good business idea, you are already five steps ahead.

However, you need to apply enough effort and work with the right partners for the idea to work.

  1. Perform Marketing Research

Today, you can find all types of apps in the market all working towards solving a particular problem. Before creating your app, you need to familiarize yourself with the problem you are trying to solve and how that market is faring.

You must also learn of the various successes and failures in the app business. Also, it is vital to know what clients are currently looking for.

By knowing what is in demand, you can create an app that will help solve the immediate problem.

  1. Platform to Use

In previous years, developers had a variety of platforms to select. The likes of Windows Phone, iOS, Blackberry, Android, and Symbian platforms were dominating the market.

However, today, the only platforms that matter are Android and iOS as they record the highest number of users. When thinking about monetization, selling your app on iOS would be a good idea if you can launch it on Android as an advertisement.

  1. The App Development

There are three options you can choose to use when developing an app. If you are new to the field, you can opt to use an app development platform such as AppMakr that allows you to whip up an app without any experience.

However, you can choose to get a reliable team to work with depending on your goals and requirements. You may need coders, copywriters, photographers or even designers.

You may also consider working with a development company. With a development company, you can get an experienced team and long-term support.

  1. Having a Business Plan

Creating a business plan helps you to avoid any unnecessary expenses and save money. It should be both tactical and strategic.

You should first create short term goals that you will follow to reach the long term goals. It should be easy enough to describe the main goal and the steps to achieve the goal.

It should also include your expenses and ways to make money.

  1. Investment

After polishing your idea and determining your business goals, you need to find ways to get the money to start your app business. You can either finance yourself, take out a loan or share your idea in a crowdfunding site.

Here You can also consider finding an angel investor to partner with as they fund your business. You can visit thepaystubs.com to keep track of your finances.

  1. Prototyping and Receiving Feedback

Before you can release apps to the market, you need to release an interactive prototype first.

It will help you gather enough feedback from users on the areas you need to fix to make the app even better. It will also tell you if they are ready to pay for the app as you continue with the development.

How to Start an App Business That is Profitable

After spending so much on creating and launching an app, you need to know how you can recover back the expenses through app monetization.

You can monetize your app through advertisement, direct selling on the app, In-app purchases, or having an extra pro-version of the app. The key to running a successful app business is to listen to the user’s feedback to improve their experience.

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