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Watch Movies on your Gadget

How to Watch Movies on your Gadget

Modern Android gadget is a full-fledged multimedia entertainment center where you can comfortably watch movies. You can do it in different ways. If you have unlimited mobile Internet or Wi-Fi, you can watch a video online through a browser or special applications. If you need to save traffic, you can upload your media files into the device’s memory and play through media players. Let’s explore all these methods in detail.

How to watch videos on Android online

Android gadgets can play online media in the same way as, for example, laptops or desktop computers. All you need is a web browser to open any internet movie. The problem is that the latest version of Google’s operating system doesn’t support flash media files. So most mobile Internet browsers, including the standard one, cannot play videos from websites that require an installed flash player.

The problem can be solved by installing a browser for Android with built-in flash support. It can be, for example, the UC Browser.

Among its features should be noted:

  • stable performance with any video without freezes and gaps;
  • an extensive collection of films and TV shows;
  • the download of any video through a browser for subsequent offline playback;
  • useful extensions, such as adblocker.

If you don’t want to install several browsers on one mobile gadget, then you will need to install a specialized app with movies. These applications are usually developed in addition to popular sites that offer both paid and free screenings, but with advertising inserts. For example, you can go for Netflix, Couchtuner, or Hulu apps.

One more thing you need high-speed internet to watch a movie without any error or to enjoy with full of fun. If you are watching a movie and having internet problem you know need to do an Internet speed test. If your internet is slow then you can’t enjoy the movie.

Watching movies on Android offline

This method is more universal and accessible to more users since it does not require a permanent Internet connection and does not consume mobile traffic. You only need to download the video file through a computer and upload it on a memory of your mobile device. Play the downloaded video using a pre-installed media player for Android.

Let’s say a few words about which video format should be chosen for further playback on mobile devices. For new tablets, it almost does not play any role – all video with a standard resolution adapted for desktop displays will be well reproduced on the mobile device.

For smartphones, it is better to upload videos adapted to the display of a particular gadget. The recommended video extension is MP4. It’s a universal format supported by the majority of tablets and smartphones. If your video has another extension, you can always use a free video converter to convert your movie in AVI to MP4. One of the best tools to use is a free tool from Freemake. It will do the job pretty fast, and besides, it has many ready settings for most popular Android devices.

Choosing a video player to watch movies on a mobile device

There are a huge number of video players for Android for various media content. Many of them have switched to the mobile platform from desktop versions for Windows, so they are already familiar to users. However, not all of these applications remained comfortable and functional.

Let’s have a look at several universal video players that provide the best user experience and support for popular video extensions.


VLC is a free player without ads or built-in paid extensions. This player supports any media format – AVI, WV, FLAC, MKV, MP4, MOV, TS, OGG, M2TS, AAC, as well as streaming playback. Here are some useful features of the Android version of the player:

  • ten-band equalizer;
  • support for subtitles;
  • built-in codecs.

Among other useful features, there is also an optional ability to play audio without a video track.

MX Player

MXPlayer is a utility that has many add-ons. There are also media codecs for it that must be downloaded separately.

The app comes with an implemented processor optimization. Thus, it automatically loads codecs for ARMv7, ARMv6, v5, and other processors. You don’t have to search for anything in the Google store yourself. If necessary, the program will redirect you to download the missing add-on.

MPlayer supports many formats like 3GP, DivX, AVI, MKV, FLV, MP4, MPEG, VOB, MOV, WMV, WebM, XviD, etc.

If you install a separate plug-in, called smart device, you will get an option to block the device during playback. You can safely give it to children, and they will not be able to run another application or make a random call.

MXPlayer is available in Lite and Pro versions; the first comes with ads. All other features of free and commercial options are identical.

BS Player

This media player also uses hardware acceleration for all gadgets with Android. On modern devices, the playback speed increases significantly due to the support of quad-core decoding. Many users also like the beautiful design of the utility. In addition to the excellent interface, we can highlight:

The ability to play multiple audio tracks and subtitles;

Various playback modes;

Support for different subtitle formats – srt, ssa/ass, sub, etc.

The utility is available in Light and the full version, with no ads.

That’s how you can watch your favorite movies and videos on Android devices. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments.