/Influences of music on a good night
Music and Sleep

Influences of music on a good night

It is very common to enjoy a few hours of sleep in our daily lives, is not it? Too much commitment and encouragement leaves us tied up most of the time when we should relax and get back together in a night’s sleep.

But what is perceived is a sleep often sliced.

Rolling on the bed

  • “If you count, I have 7 hours to rest tonight. I need to delete it now! “
  • “Hmmm, I have to find that guy tomorrow and figure out everything I’ve planned … Will he have time to spend at the bank? (…) I need to read the report before the 13:00 meeting … the time has come for me to ask for a raise … I think I should read the report at once “
  • “Now I have 5 hours of sleep left. I’m going to wake up crap! “

After rolling for a few hours lost with thoughts that invade our mind and discharge adrenaline instead of relaxing the body, there are precious hours and restorative.

Music is a good way to get into a state of relaxation before sleep

A good remedy that is widely used with good results, may be close to you: the music . In a magical way (in the best sense of the word) music is a brain relaxer that has been used for millennia by humanity.

Music can be used as a helper or even the main means of stimulating a restorative sleep and thus recovering all your nocturnal habit. For during an uneasy night, in which even when erased, his brain continues to be very active, there is a great web of neurons transmitting information, electrical pulses that communicate with each other in constant activity.

And these are directly affected by external factors, changes in attitude, thoughts and feelings. And music drives these rhythms and brainwaves to a state of relaxation.

Music changes our brain waves

Brain waves

During the day, our brain waves have a certain “speed” (12 to 38 Hertz) because of our mental focus. After all we need to be active, awake and ready to solve whatever appears in front of us.

The problem is that we take this state to bed, and over time, this state and rhythm accompany our sleep period due to the continuous loading and stimulation of our thoughts.

We should discourage the continuous flow of thoughts, leading to a more relaxed state of transmission of neural information (8 to 12 Hertz – alpha state). In this state, the brain rests and there is a total restoration. Creativity, relaxation and sleep.


Some ancient studies show us that music tends to synchronize its rhythm (beats) with the beating of the heart. Having a 60-beat ideal, the brain responds by synchronizing and reducing the heart rate. A great help to get into alpha state .

Do you know those songs that seem to involve us? Enjoy these ideas and reminisce about favorite songs that already have this ability to relax. Make your selection and immerse yourself in the rhythm of your relaxed heart. You will see how this feeling of remembering the calm songs you like along with this special moment you are creating for you will turn your beats, your thoughts and your sleep.

Let yourself realize how music penetrates into your heart, helping the body to relax, the mind to enter into a calmer rhythm. It is true that the brain waves jump from Alpha (8 to 12 Hertz), to Theta (3 to 8 Hertz) and finally to Delta waves (0.5 to 3 Hertz). The latter are related to the states of meditation and to the deeper sleep, the ones that do not have nor dreams.

The songs most suitable to leave us in a state ready for an invigorating sleep are those that are linked to the rhythm and frequencies as we have said above. There are applications developed for this purpose, if you have interest, give it a wanted one.

Of course there are important points to take into account. If you are very critical and do not like certain types of music to relax, it will be more complicated to enter this state.

Discover and relax with your favorite music

So you can test with your favorite songs , have a softer beat and bring good references and memories. It may not have the exact rhythm, but may work according to your relationship with it. Choose your finger. Make a selection and put it into practice.

The cerebral influence you are noticing during exercise. The perfect music you’ll find. The important thing is to try and be perfecting this moment, creating the habit. When you feel that it is difficult to slow down, instead of getting into that mental “fight”, put it into practice and get great nights sleep.

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