/5 reasons why Apex Legends is the best Battle Royale game
Apex Legends

5 reasons why Apex Legends is the best Battle Royale game

Apex Legends is the class-based battle royale which whether you like battle royale or not is something you are playing or have played and enjoyed to some extent and still go back to it ever so often. There’s no doubt about it that it’s the current king of Battle Royale for a measly price of absolutely nothing. With its initial hype dying down and first season underway, it still boasts a strong number of players that are still growing at a steady pace even now.

2019 has finally brought a rival for Fortnite and PUBG that gamers have been waiting for a couple of years now. Activision tried to come up with their own battle royale game dubbed as Call of duty: Black Ops 4 but ultimately couldn’t compete for a long time with PUBG or Fortnite. So, in the end, Apex Legends was the answer that everyone was seeking and is undoubtedly the best battle royale game in the market as of now. Also, you can buy more games related to this technique using Paytm Mall Offers with exciting deals. Let’s look into a few reasons why Apex Legends is the apex champion of battle royales as of now


Apex legends had one of the most unique launches to a game we had seen in a while. It so happened that the game suddenly dropped on us like a bomb on 4 Feb 2019 though it was still beta tested by a few prominent streamers like Shroud and such the sudden launch was a surprise for sure but a welcome one. With a launch trailer that perfectly showed its quirky characters, the game was thrown on to origin for all to play and it’s one of the main reasons why it was able to amass a staggering 25 million players in one week.

Hero/legends based combat

A feature that allows the game to stay fresh is the ever-growing selection of heroes with various abilities that ensures all encounters to be unique experiences that are to be dealt with strategically according to the legend you and your opponent is using. We already have a new legend from the start of the season on and more seem to be hinted to come soon. Unique characters in Apex is what makes it stand out from the rest of the games in its genre and hopefully, there will be more and more amazing heroes introduced in the upcoming updates.

The Battle Royale market

This is something that is somewhat outside of the control of the game. Before Apex the market was dominated by Fortnite completely with PUBG being a second one but much far behind. Games like battlefield firestorm or black ops 4 did have their initial hype but quickly died down just like any all games that tried to enter this saturated market. With only two survivors something as polished and as unique as apex was more than well received and to the dev’s credit making the game free to play was what made it what it is.


The final nail was the absolute dynamic and flashy gameplay of apex. Respawn, the developers of Titan Fall truly showed their skill of how to make shooting mobile and precise at the same time. Apex takes place in the same universe as Titanfall according to lore and it shows with its tight shooting and fluid movements. Such gameplay not only makes the game fun to play but also a blast to watch. Moreover, you can also make a purchase of games related to this technology using Shopclues Offers with great deals.

Gamers from around the globe are playing Apex Legends and it is safe to say that they all love the unique gameplay of Apex more than anything else in this list. Kudos to Apex Legends’ developers’ team for giving us such an amazing game.

The community

This is something that can either make or break a game and in the case of Apex Legends, it had to be the former for sure. The game has a bustling community on all platforms whether it be the bulk of content creators on YouTube or the Reddit community. Memes, active discussion with devs, Fanarts we have em all. The reason for this amazing community? As we said earlier the absolutely smooth and amazing gameplay made the community feel in love with the game.

With PUBG losing its original flair and a good amount of players to boots, and Fortnite’s super controversial patch that is currently making pros leave the game. Apex which has been doing what it needs to do well is without a doubt the best Battle Royale on the market and it’s free so there’s no reason for you to not try it considering you haven’t already.

But the real question here is can the developers keep the game as interesting as it now? Because we know every game has its peak and Apex Legends is surely sitting on top of the mountain. People used to believe that nobody could dethrone Fortnite as the best battle royale game but Apex Legends was able to do that and in much less amount of time.

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