/Which is Better Stellaris or endless space 2 vs stellaris?

Which is Better Stellaris or endless space 2 vs stellaris?

If you want to play the latest space games, Stellaris and Endless Space 2 are the best options. Wondering which one is better? Here are the thoughts and reviews on the two latest space strategy games: Stellaris and Endless Space 2.

Firstly, it will be better to know that out of these two games, which one is greatly enhanced by the DLC available which adds new rakes, extra side quests, content and story arcs in the game. DLC for each of these games was so amazing and got enhanced the exposure of player for the base games.  Stellaris contains more DLC which dramatically enhanced this game, particularly around the random anomalies, encounters, and other different side events. 

Following is the review of each of the game providing a brief comparison between the games, so that you could easily decide that which is the better game.  

Which is Better – Stellaris or Endless Space 2

Here is a brief comparison between the two games in terms of their features.

Speed of games

As you install Stellaris at first and play it before playing Endless Space 2, there will be a lot of the DLC content you will see for this game. There are various kinds of extras which you receive and it is important to mention the Story Pack of letMeWatchThis the Leviathans, Synthetic Dawn and Utopia are actually pretty great.

Thus, the first and foremost thing to know regarding the Stellaris is that it is actually not a 4x Turn Strategy game even it seems like one. This game owns a continuous flow of the time and there exist no turns. You achieve the default speed where time advances and you get accelerated to the FAST, rather Very FAST option, for accelerating the time. Thus, days pass fast and years become like months.

don’t wish to lose

You also can push your spacebar button for pausing the game so that you can consider all the required actions without losing your time. This is quite important when you need to complete the item related to scientific research, you don’t wish to lose your days in choosing to pike the next tech item. Thus you pause your game so that days don’t get lost when you try to decide your next move.

Stellaris own a quite intense and fast playing style as compared to Endless Space 2. On the other hand, Endless Space 2 is an actual turn-based game and player does everything at his own pace. He can click the end turn via other players and thus AI turns.

If you try to invade the pirates in Stellaris, you need to respond them in real time or you can use pausing option. In a few cases, you expand the starports for seeing several stars far from the enemies which can drop on you while taking you to the reactive state.

Starbases and starports

Managing the starbases and starports is quite interesting in Stellaris as you can install the defensive platforms while upgrading them using the missile bays, fighter hangars, gun ports, as well as you can enhance your space station for providing the storage, resources, and other assistance.  Unlike the Endless Space 2, it is possible to build the spaceships at space station which have more bays than Stellaris. 

Planet bases

Talking about the planet bases, there is a better handling of the tiles in Stellaris which has more surface points for installing the facilities and growing population.  Few planets have habitable tiles and few have terrain which requires to be empty for building on them. The handling of the buildings on such tiles makes it fine-tuned as well as strategic. While in the Endless Space 2, you don’t have any limit for building the structures on the planets.

In Stellaris, there are a just particular amount of the tiles. You get building upgradations which enhance the output, however, you definitely need to do planning for the buildings.

There are fewer planets in Stellaris for colonizing as compared to the Endless Space 2, but it has the high number of space stations that done require habitable planets and are built around the black holes, outposts, and other kinds of points of interest. 

Story line

Stellaris owns less story as compared to the Endless Space 2, even its campaigns are much limited having lesser AI feeling just like they are some faction with whom you can make an alliance.  For sure there exists some wars, alliances, demanding tribute enslaving races, and everything is encompassed but for stronger interactive conversations as well as voice acting, you should pick Endless Space 2. It has more story for the race, plus, you can play it for an actual ending game results and much flexible ending game options than Stellaris.

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