/Top tips to choosing the best e juice brand- find the golden rules here
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Top tips to choosing the best e juice brand- find the golden rules here

The latest buzz among smokers trying to quit smoking is e-cigarette, a viable solution to give up smoking. Do you know what an electronic cigarette is? It is not like the cigarette which reads ‘smoking is injurious to health.’ An e-cigarette is much different from a conventional cigarette for it soothes the cravings for nicotine without harming your health. The act of using an e-cigarette is called ‘vaping’. A vaper no matter from what background he/she comes is always confused regarding the choice of the brand. There are hundreds of e-cigarette brands all across the globe with plenty of flavor options such that the choice becomes difficult. All vapers use e-liquid, but they rack their brains thinking about what flavor to choose and the brand to go for. Naked100 is one of the reliable brands of e-juices. To learn the tips to choosing the best brand of e-juice, the flavor, read this section.

The brand of e-juice should be reputed

Have you recently started using an e-cigarette? Then you may like Chinese brands of e-juices or Chinese e-liquids which are inexpensive. But, you must avoid using cheap quality e-juice. Those attractive price tags may tempt you but the origin of the e-juice may be uncertain. It may be that the e-juice was produced in a fair laboratory using all the standard practices but what about the ingredients?  It’s better to choose a reputed brand and get authentic e-juice.

A brand which offers substantial discounts and is not authentic may provide homemade concoction of cheap quality e-juice. Even the maker of the e-juice may not know what ingredients are used. But, this again does not mean that you will always stick to the mainstream e-juice. New manufacturers of vaping juice including Naked 100 have come up and they are serious about their business. You may check the website of the company having a good reputation in the market and read the reviews. The reviews will tell you a lot about the company’s reputation and product quality.

Say ‘No’ to nicotine if possible

Whether you are new to vaping or an experienced one, you may crave for nicotine. People end up using nicotine while vaping when they have not even smoked a single cigarette in their life. Nicotine is addictive, and thus, you should avoid it. If you do not need a nicotine-based cigarette, avoid it. Some sellers offer 0mg/ml nicotine. Go for a seller who provides it. Start low if you are a newcomer in vaping. Make your choices carefully, or else it will harm your health. Check out with the brand and discuss out the nicotine content.

What flavors are available and your needs

When buying any product online, you should carry out considerable research and find more on the brand. The e-cigarette is available in plenty of flavors. You will find every flavor of vaping juice right from Naked 100, champagne, food flavors to butterscotch, chocolate almond and others. It may be that you wish for Rum flavor in the morning and pumpkin flavor at the end of the day. Discuss out the flavors with the e-cigarette brand.

The color of the vaping juice

Do you prefer any particular color or style of vaping juice? Vaping juice is available in plenty of colors from silent black and golden to ruby lipstick and azure. It may be that you prefer luxury gold or beautiful azure for there is a world of options. Discuss out your needs, likes, and preferences again.

Consider the style and theme of e-cig

When it comes to e-cig, there are plenty of styles and themes which are available. You will find animal theme e-cig where the body of the e-cig is animal skin. Customized skin jacket and similar options are there for cartridges and e-cig battery. You may buy something having an animal theme like a leopard, zebra theme or something exciting like green bamboo and battleship to psychedelic.

It is not that easy to buy smokeless e-cigarettes. Check the components of the e-cig, the model and whether the brand is reliable or not. Trade-marked e-cig brands have their websites. Try and compare e-cigarette brands like Naked 100 and others and then make your purchase.