/Two Profitable Businesses For Sale On Exchange Marketplace

Two Profitable Businesses For Sale On Exchange Marketplace

Shopify’s ExchangeMarketplace is a phenomenal marketplace for many reasons. One of the reasons is the number of profitable businesses that are on sale on ExchangeMarketplace. If you don’t want to do any startup work but want to get your hands on profitable business, the ExchangeMarketplace is the perfect place for you to do exactly that. You will be able to see what the business is all about, what you can work on to improve it, and what the performance of the business actually is. The following businesses are two profitable businesses on ExchangeMarketplace; one is a hair business while the other is a fragrance business.  

BellaCo Hair

BellaCo Hair is a retailer of eyelashes and hair extensions. This profitable business started a few months back but is already gaining momentum because of the unique approach to hair extensions and eyelash industry. Within a span of a few months, the company was able to have over 700 orders despite being relatively new in the market. The average number of sales is about 400 per month but it is pretty good considering not much attention was given to paid marketing.

Homepage of BellaCo Hair

The BellaCo Hair business is one of the most profitable businesses because it is popular through free marketing. The total amount of revenue generated is more than $17,000 already. Imagine how well the business will do when paid marketing strategies are used along with the usage of other social media handles. So far, the only expenses of BellaCo Hair business have been the Shopify plan of $30 per month and the domain which costs $1.25 per month. When you tally these with the profits, you can see the profits are pretty good when compared to other businesses.

Statistics showing how profitable BellaCo Hair business is

BellaCo Hair is on sale for $7,950 on ExchangeMarketplace. You will receive the social media followers from Instagram where there are over 400 subscribers at the moment. Since the store is already in profits, you can increase sales by focusing on paid marketing on Facebook and other social media. It is a good idea to start with a marketing plan at hand first and then proceed. If you have knowledge about dropshipping then you can easily manage BellaCo Hair business and you will be able to expand the business in no time.

Fragrance Fanatic

This is one of the few profitable businesses, like the previous business, that is doing well organically. The Fragrance Fanatic business is already growing at a rapid rate. It sells perfumes, fragrances, and products for skincare, haircare, and aromatherapy. The business is built on strong SEO which is one of the many advantages of buying a store like this. Some investment has been done on marketing as well.

Homepage of Fragrance Fanatic

The statistics show that the business has been growing well and is profitable in nature. If you spend about 10 hours per week working on the business, you can expect an average profit of $1,000 per month. The Fragrance Fanatic store can be scaled and can grow into a much bigger business. The addition of new products to the store can help scale the business. The business has been running for a few years and the data shows it is improving. The expenses of running this store include a Shopify plan that costs $49 per month and the domain that costs $2.50 per month.

Performance of Fragrance Fanatic

Fragrance Fanatic is on sale for $26,010. You will receive the product photos, logos, branding assets, and domain when you purchase the business from ExchangeMarketplace. You will get personal support after you buy the business so that you can run the business with ease. You will receive the social media data as Fragrance Fanatic has over 2,500 followers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest combined. This is one of the most profitable businesses with a lot of potentials that you can work on after you buy it.

Hair and fragrance niches are always going to be profitable businesses since their requirement is always going to be there. With that in mind, you can safely assume that if you purchase any of these businesses, you are always going to be in profits provided you work diligently. You have another benefit since the purchase is going to be finalized using ExchangeMarketplace. Everything regarding the purchase and the transfer of the store and what comes in the sale is safe. You do not have to fear about lack of transparency. Support is going to be available so that you can purchase without fear.