/When BBM For Android Crossed Ten Million Downloads?

When BBM For Android Crossed Ten Million Downloads?

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Smartphones play a significant role in people’s lives. They see that they get the best phone with all cool features according to our needs. With the help of these Smartphones, communication with friends and family is very simple. Sending a picture or a video has become easy by the use of messengers. Some of the messengers that people use are WhatsApp, BBM etc.

The BBM or the Blackberry messenger is a favorite among its users. However, people could not switch to other phones just because they could use BBM only on BlackBerry phones. Nevertheless, the messenger is available for Android and IOS phones. The BBM was introduced for Android and IOS in the year 2013. Therefore, people who are fans of BBM and want to continue using it on others phones can benefit out of this. Hence, it is expected that BMM will soon be listed under the ‘good apps for Android’ list.

On the debut of BBM for Android, it crossed over ten million downloads which actually shows how people are glad about it. However, BBM had a waiting time for using the app that has been removed with the debut of BBM for Android. This was something that was disliked by many of the BBM users.

Even though BBM for Android crossed 10 million downloads worldwide, it did not show any sign of slowing down. Nevertheless, some of the users who downloaded BBM on their Android phones and IOS phones could not sign or sign up immediately. The users had to face it because BBM had deployed a waiting list.

Initially, people had to wait which was the method for a majority of users to ensure there was no repeat of the server load issues that the first release attempt went through. Now people don’t have to keep waiting because the waitlist has been removed for anybody downloading BBM on their Smartphone. Hence, the users can sign in or sign up as soon as the messenger completes downloading.

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The reputation of BBM can be measured from its initial availability from different app stores. Apple’s app store lists BBM in the top three apps, while Google Play has listed BBM in the Top New Free Android Apps list from its debut. Though BBM is popular in blackberry phones, it is yet to hit the ‘good apps for Android’ list. BlackBerry Messenger’s reputation on Android and IOS is seriously good news for BlackBerry predominantly because they were expecting a huge number of downloads. Since WhatsApp has number of users, it is the number one messenger in use now.